ONE-HANDED 3: opiumpoppyman, Ana-Apolo

One Handed 1, featuring Lorna Callery and illustrations by Guido Floyd.
One-Handed 2, featuring Omar Pimienta, Rosalynd Harvey and Rachel McCrum, with Guido Floyd.

Metamorfosis VIII - 24 x 30

Sergio Ernesto Ríos – opiumpoppyman,
translated by Rahul Bery

opiumpoppyman in a helicoidal bramble vaccine dreaming to papa veraceae,  father of truth.

opiumpoppyman, alone, in a flock of centaurs and whips and chimneys,  or from the sky,  the city is a monogamous carbon monoxide chimney.

opiumpoppyman adamantium skeleton never, gamma rays never, radioactive spider never, spinach never.

dear chums, gamma rays are the younger brothers of our elder brother the sun, his sproutlings, his shoots, his nephews, do you know of any other famous nephews? here you go: donald duck and huey, dewey and louie. the sun is a kind of donald duck, also mean and fussy, and does anyone really understand the sun with that voice that sounds like a salted snail? does anyone still torture insects, tell me your favourite ones? do green pygmy kangaroos with powersaw arms and frog tongue noses and stripy pendulum ears and turbulent glances on the coast of christchurch come from gamma rays?

opiumpoppyman sings to the ornithology of the planets.

opiumpoppyman the transsonichighway.

opiumpoppyman and two minutes inside a world war one helmet, with horseflies.

the opiumpoppyman hymn equals two minutes of tomorrow.

i saw opiumpoppyman galloping the fernsehturm like his true centaur (or true self) from the beginning, from wilhelm the second of germany.

opiumpoppyman, a northwind monkey, anthropinhalation.

opiumpoppyman as painted by daniel johnston: captain america and his babe-at arms, satan, are beaten in a defeat competition in an unmelancholy texas bar. satan made manhole. satan made pisspot. satan made plunger. captain america the chubby spelling book for pre-school protonazis. captain america the adipose screechof mud and gallows-bird stars. captain america the roadrunner guardian of unmanned missiles. beep beeeeep. countdown. a merry go round.  psychotic little piano. ulcerated torso-shaped sweeties. countdown to zero. opiumpoppyman, their executioner. 666 baby opens up his own head.

opiumpoppyman adored by the kgb, adored by sensei miyamoto’sasian-italian plumbers.

opiumpoppyman in the dream of a voltaic blanket, for ten thousand years.

opiumpoppyman the only one who would save the hydrochloric acid soaked-man charged by Robocop’s 1987 taurus patrol car.

Metamorfosis X - 33 x 43

Calum Rodger – ana-Apollo


Brambles devour
green rays.

Man reacts, contests
the dream he knows

his voltaic favourite
whistling, onrushing

deals him a parliament
and a psychotic church.

Overalls be dreaming
of gamma coast duty

but boys you can’t be picky
with carbon or ferns

this is 1987
not 666.

The father cheered
the ass cheered

proto-friends cheered
Apollo’s bar actor.


“Captain, the gamma-ray spinach monoxide
takes minutes and the fluffy kangaroos’

eyes patrol the spider night.
We’ve got guardians from here to St. Louis

but our flock have lost their necks
and are made of jade.” – Apollo


A thousand sons ransom the son
protecting the ana- from Apollo

where lies the love tomorrow saw
my ana-Apollo?


ana-snail evil acid

ana-the monogamous

ana-tight older sons

among the etc. you become ana-you
you big man chainsaw!


ever petty
the becoming


Apollo y u so parliamentary?
the petty becoming of never blanket
I am alone in the city as a bathed self drawn
into Apollo and so his own executioner.


own and sing your Robocop scaffold rhino American anthem truth pool
man is and


farce two KGB nil
Apollo one
and ana-Apollo is many


world is missiles
me its offspring voice

there from a skeleton
come minutes, man

and man without
his ulcerated syllabary

becomes pendulous
hatches little arms


ana-Apollo wear your fireplace helmet
careful of pygmies and gamma-rays

you are the vaccine the stars love
a salt-opening equal to insects

I need you stormy now because Apollo
cannot save my nursery planet cock


man whips
inside the be

only and and


centaur, roadrunner, shape
man fireplaces melancholy doses

to know to know to not know is
Captain, Satan


Metamorfosis VI - 25 x 32