ONE-HANDED 2: Afternoon light, A house within a house

One Handed 1, featuring Lorna Callery and illustrations by Guido Floyd.

Metamorfosis VII - 18 x 22


You were hanging a picture of your opened hands
on the wall that always looks to the window
the sun moves forward its warmth on the painting
five in the afternoon winter time

little by little we noticed the cold more
this house dark box
where we arrived, photosensitive

I directed you: left right
bit higher not so much

memory of illumination with little retention
effort to recall what the afternoon and the wall are murmuring
in the ear of the girl of my eyes

you listened to me, frustrated, your arms tired
your painted hands fingering the traces of the memory

when we’d finished we sat down under the window
you wanted to see how your hands were bathed in colour
the light spilling out between your fingers.

Metamorfosis I - 24 x 31

Rachel McCrum – A house within a house

the shore rolled under his hands
and her lines faltered
went weak at the knees

she keeled and beached
he was sand stuck
folded in on [himself]

she flitted past
a crumpled paper ghost
sodden with September drizzle

past where
he would not extend his fading reach

Metamorfosis IX - 18 x 27