ONE-HANDED 1: Journey into Exile

One-Handed is an experimental translation project, curated by Juana Adcock and Rahul Bery: ‘We worked by pairing Mexican and Scottish poets together. The Mexican poet translated a source text taken from the poetry collection Manca by Juana Adcock (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 2014). The resulting text was then both translated into English by a literary translator, and fed through Google Translate and sent to a Scottish poet, who used this “literal version” to produce their own translation of the poem. The source texts by Juana Adcock have been lost, decaying and falling away like a perishable item cast in plaster. Or alternatively, they can be found in the pages of the above-cited book. The focus of the One-Handed project is on the process of writing as translation and viceversa.’ This is the first of three exclusive publications from the One-Handed project. Guido Floyd’s collage series Metamorphosis will be included in Collage Mexico, a forthcoming book from Mexico City Lit.
Metamorfosis III - 22 x 27

Lorna Callery – Journey into Exile

I am dog-tired
kerosene lamplight flickers
illuminating distant landscapes
punctuated by elements

darkest fears lurk in shadows
black-gold glinting in moonlight
cowering in corners like rabid dogs
until they escape the periphery

unpredictability grows like a cancer
overpowering senses
with utter conviction
sinks teeth into nerve endings
and the ending is blackness
full stop

it’s every man for himself when the hunger comes

survive the animal
stay entire part of empire
colonise the soul
place shining coins upon my lids
blind the weak with monarchy’s profile

it takes a brave man to remove the coins of Hades

venture into the unknown
like a new-born
blinded by the future rising

all the black-gold in the world
could not falter the iron will of men
work-weary endangered species
ground-down into coal-dust

indigenous language creeps unstated:
in the beginning was the sound
and the revolution
is coming

Metamorfosis II - 22 X 27