CENTRIFUGAL: Xitlalitl Rodríguez Mendoza / Alan Jude Moore /// Catherine Walsh / Laura Solórzano

This is the second of two exclusive extracts from Centrifugal: Contemporary Poetry of Guadalajara and Dublin, a bilingual anthology of reciprocal translations / re-interpretations / versions of the work of seven pairs of poets from the two cities. Published in December 2014 by EBL-Cielo Abierto, in partnership with Conaculta; co-edited by Christodoulos Makris (Dublin) and Ángel Ortuño (Guadalajara).
This extract features Xitlalitl Rodríguez Mendoza’s Spanish translation of a poem by Alan Jude Moore, and Catherine Walsh’s English versions of several short poems by laura solórzano. The originals may be found in Centrifugal.
The first installment, featuring Luis Eduardo García and Christodoulos Makris, is here.

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