Augusto Sonrics – from SEROQUEL DREAMS / Andres Gamiochipi – Collages

James Bennett translated this selection of fragments from the latest work by Augusto Sonrics (Culiacán, 1992) a poet currently based in Mexico City. He is the author of the books Valeria Luiselli, Depresión Decente, and Adios tk bye (Malos Pasos). SEROQUEL DREAMS was distributed as a limited edition “libro-objeto” in 2015 and will be released more widely this year.
These collages by the great Andres Gamiochipi will be featured alongside more of his work in the book Collage Mexico, forthcoming from Mexico City lit.

meet escher



… the lights perhaps turned out not to be as bright
as i had imagined
i decided not to follow them….

hey shoot me again my soul is still dancing
)as time goes by you let go of your concept of time
and become familiar with co(ntemporary witchcraft

don’t look now but there are transdimensional
beings watching us
i recommend that you activate ‘poetry’ mode
as soon as you don’t have time
sent from my alien shaman disguise


look come here sit down beside me look at this book it’s my new book it’s new


sent from my infrasemiotic spiderweb

i’m smiling because poetry doesn’t
care about poets


after some time we begin to remember
past lives
and life becomes a series of translations
that aren’t exactly excellent but aren’t awful either
anyway why lie
we love half-dead things

                  these words
as much as they may seem to be
are not alive
they have no life at all

that doesn’t mean they’re not sick

on the other hand the signified is fine
it eats healthily it is mentally and metaphysically active
also it maintains a healthy relationship with the community
and even does volunteer work

it relishes its sleep it
relishes everything

we all dream of being the new signified
it would be great to know what it feels like even though i think we are already it
anyway it’s never too late to get used to it and look for yourself
in those parts of the sea the sun’s light can’t reach
just to be sure please don’t believe me
i would like to use this next announcement
to remind you all
that to imagine is probably the new to know
puente inverso

do not get carried away by concrete symbols
at this point
magic is all that we can be
[some flowers wither majestically | i wonder if it’s possible for someone who hasn’t seen their face for a long time to eventually forget their face| yesterday some girl i don’t know, a friend of a friend, told me that poetry is ‘beside the point’ | i eat sweet things because they remind me of you | there should be a website for people who ‘don’t have much experience in boiler maintenance’ | this is what communism should feel like | there should be at least seven films with the title ‘happiness almost doesn’t exist’ | one of my lifelong dreams is to own a revolver, also i’d like to draw a minotaur | a signified doesn’t choose its signifiers | or i should say it is the words that play with us | just kidding you must forgive nothing and only recognise yourselves in every particle of the universe | at least let me conjugate these verbs the way i want to | blender fruits water | some kind of divine force told me to get my shit together so that’s what i’m doing| why be happy when you can be bored | a tattoo of einstein | why would some1 consciously decide NOT 2 b a cat? | you probably don’t know this but all poems are about you | global anti-lebenswelt march]

they bottled me in a bottle of soju
in a factory at the shore of the planet
which is one of the trillion two point seven reasons
my heart deflates like a beach ball when i breathe
i was one thousand two hundred and nineteen molecules
when i fell into a fountain at the bottom of which there was a greenhouse
full of segmental wings
i have never said written or thought the same word more than once
i mean either that or i have the memory of a fish


[i have just found out that in this city there are streets with names like ‘gum’, ‘rubber’ & ‘oat’ | you were more fun when you didn’t exist | i’m going to do a performance piece called ‘my roommate finds me after my suicide’ | i hate considering losing important things | i want John Malkovich to want to be me | a final exam in pre-columbian law with just one question which reads: ‘discuss the following phrase: i am an eskimo, i have never felt cold’ | my third eye can’t see red | one point to you if you don’t know what time it is | to edit infinities | i want to do many things and one of them is to do nothing at all | there are poems that aren’t meant to be read | feeling senseless things | how many ghosts can you see in my room?]


i’m not 100% sure about this
but when i was five i saw a butterfly
it terrified me for some reason maybe the sublime
maybe some psychoanalytical stage that i’m repressing
it gave me a little kiss and the present
began to exist like a tangible thing
which made me panic
but i decided to dedicate myself to painting nightmares
with a broad brush


la rueda de la mar

[my skin is the worst disguise ever | don’t worry it’s normal for it to always be night | you were probably born on payday or friday the 13th | what none of you know is that everything i write is plagiarised from a giant spider that lives under my bed | my plan b is to be a basic bitch | will trade liver for spiritual transcendence | what’s up with those hours that separate us geographically it doesn’t even make sense | what’s the point of being a dream | it is good and normal to feel inhuman | i like to jump brusquely between realities | i don’t know if poesía eres tú but i know it’s not me]

i don’t know what we are i don’t know if we are
or if we are lightning or cognitive twists
or greenhouses on the surface of the streets
or for sale signs on every house
in this celestial and toxic neighbourhood
take the necessary precautions and you will live
i don’t know if this is my face
i don’t know what we are or if we know that we are not
sent from my internet ours yours and mine
have you noticed all the flies on your face?
sent just now from my steve reich miley cyrus
sent from beyond & thank you for existing conflictively
ebbed to physical ruins
thank you for the words and for all that we can’t explain
i share many feelings with the quantum mechanic
i cannot lie i just dance twelve million times per second i am only
art and then i clumsily inspect the things of the world
a butterfly can be a spring
anything if that’s how you want it
anything if you will be a butterfly soon
any folksonomy of any of your stars
i hope you know that you are made of stars and of everything

                                                                      we have ever said
about them